2015 Reading Goal: Progress Report #4

Well, here we are! Getting to the end of the semester. I will definitely be continuing my reading goal through the end of this year, though.

So far, I’ve read seven books. I’ve gotten behind again. To be fair, the most recent book that I read was a very large collection of short stories: The Dedalus Book of Finnish Fantasy. It was very interesting to read! I’m not even entirely sure why I picked it, I was browsing the e-Book store on my Nook, and this was in my recommended reads. It was really interesting to read about the history (and lack of history) of writing in Finland. Turns out, there hasn’t really been much written in Finnish in the past. This collection was also different than I expected. I expected it to be more like fairy tales and folk tales given the word “fantasy,” but actually, a lot of it was science-fiction and slipstream, much like the kind of stories I’ve been reading lately already. Some of it was still fantasy, but a really interesting take on it. I would definitely recommend that book to anyone looking for a good short story collection.

As for my reading goal, seven books in four months is not going to cut it, but hopefully once the school semester winds down and work calms down a little (at my job, summer is usually the slowest time of year), I’ll be able to spend more time reading.

I’m also working on my documentary for my next post for this class. I’m looking at the way e-books have changed reading. I think it’s really interesting how passionate people can be about print books, and in fact I used to think I would never use an e-reader. But here I am, using my e-reader every day and very rarely picking up a print book. I think both will stick around, though, as they each have their pros and cons.

How many books have you all read this year so far?

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